Chairman CAPT. Liam Flaherty Rescue 2
Pipe Major FR. Jerry Brengel Engine 274
Vice-Chairman CAPT. Jerry Wood Division 6
Treasurer Lt. Dan Saalfrank Division 3
Secretary LT. Chris Conklin
Division 13
Quartermaster FR. Chris Brennan Ladder 26
Drum Sergeant LT. Ted Carstensen Marine 9


Pipe Sergeant Joe Aronsen, Ret Ladder 25
Pipe Sergeant Lt. Chris Donovan Marine 1
Pipe Sergeant FR. Matt Doyle
Ladder 126

Pipe Sergeant FR. Jim Henkel Engine 16
Pipe Sergeant FR. Joe Killeen Rescue 3   Pipe Sergeant Capt. Brian Mcmahon Ret. SOC
Pipe Sergeant FR. Kevin O'Connor Ladder 33   Pipe Sergeant FR. Chris Wren Ladder 19
Piper FR. Joe Aronsen, Ret Ladder 25
Piper FR. Joe Killeen Rescue 3
Piper LT. Matt Beatty Ladder 56 Piper LT. Bob King Marine 1
Piper CAPT. Tom Behan Engine 305 Piper CAPT. Jim Leach Ladder 30
Piper FR. Jerard Brengel Engine 274 Piper LT. Jim Lee 7th Division
Piper FR. Chris Brennan Ladder 26 Piper LT. George McCarthy Ladder 59
Piper CAPT. Michael Brunton, Ret Engine 240 Piper FR. Frank McCutchen, Ret Ladder 5
Piper LT. Tom Brunton, Ret Engine 310
Piper LT. Jim McEnaney, Ret. Ladder 148
Piper LT. Chris Corbin Ladder 126 Piper LT. Dan McEnroe Ladder 35
Piper LT. Bill Crowley, Ret. Engine 264 Piper FR. Tom McEnroe, Ret. Ladder 59
Piper FR. Chris Cunneen Ladder 19 Piper LT. Tom McEnroe Sr., Ret. Ladder 27
Piper LT. Tom Cunneen Engine 58 Piper DISP. Tom McGonigal Field Com.
Piper FR. Joe Daretany Engine 201 Piper CAPT. Brian McMahon, Ret. SOC
Piper LT. Chris Donovan Marine 1 Piper LT. Mike McShea, Ret. Engine 310
Piper FR. Kevin Donovan Squad 61 Piper FR. Joe Moore Ladder 13
Piper Patrick Dowdell Rescue 4 Piper CAPT. Bill Murphy Division 11
Piper FR. Matt Doyle Ladder 126 Piper LT. Brian Murphy 6th Division
Piper LT. Bill Duffy Sr, Ret. Ladder 40 Piper FR. George Murphy Ladder 103
Piper FR. Bill Duffy Jr. Ladder 43 Piper FR. Paul Neville Marine Division
Piper LT. Jack Dugan, Ret. Ladder 164 Piper FR. Kevin O'Connor Ladder 33
Piper BC. Joe Duggan Battalion 48 Piper LT. John O'Hagan, Ret. Ladder 31
Piper FR. Charles Fitzpatrick, Ret. Ladder 116 Piper LT. Kevin O'Hagan Engine 5
Piper CAPT. Liam Flaherty Rescue 2 Piper LT. Sean O'Malley, Ret Engine 67
Piper LT. Tom Foy, Ret Battalion 47 Piper FR. John O'Rourke Ladder 146
Piper B.C. Peter Gannon Battalion 35
Piper FR. Barry Reilly Engine 42
Piper PILOT Dan Garvey Marine 1 Piper FR. Dave Ritchie Ladder 27
Piper LT. Ed Geraghty, Ret. Ladder 26 Piper LT. Butch Scarpinato, Ret. 3rd Division
Piper LT. Tim Geraghty Engine 58 Piper FR. Ken Sullivan, Ret. Engine 60
Piper LT. Tom Gerondel, Ret. Engine 43 Piper LT. Mike Tully
7th Division
Piper FR. Peter Tighe Ladder 123
Piper FR. Kevin Grace, Ret. Battalion 3
Piper LT. Mike Triscuizzi Ladder 172
Piper CAPT. Tim Grant, Ret. SOC Piper LT. Chris Walsh, Ret. Marine 1
Piper SFM Brian Grogan, Ret Queens Base Piper LT. Al Warta, Ret. Haz Mat 1
Piper B.C. Hugh Hagan, Ret. Safety Batt. Piper LT. Tom Winship SOC
Piper LT. James Harkins, Ret Engine 281 Piper FR. Bill Woods, Ret Ladder 38
Piper CAPT. Kevin Hayes BOT Piper CAPT. Jerry Wood 6th Division
Piper FR. James Henkel Engine 16 Piper FR. Chris Wren Ladder 19
Piper LT. John Henley Engine 271 Piper CAPT. Bob Wright, Ret. Ladder 38
Piper FR. George Jacimovic Squad 252 Piper FM. John Xuereb Brooklyn
Piper FR. Sven Jensen Ladder 58 Piper Fr. Mike Scire Ladder 3
Piper BC. Brian Kearney Divison 6 Piper Fr. Bobby Paolillo Ladder 1


Drum Major CAPT. Liam Flaherty Rescue 2

Drum Sergeant LT. Ted Carstensen Marine 9
Snare D.C. Phil Burns, Ret. 11th Division Tenor FR. Aron Buch Rescue 1
Snare LT. Jack Clarke, Ret. Ladder 29 Tenor CAPT. Bill Hopkins, Ret. Engine 323
Snare LT. Chris Conklin Division 13 Tenor LT. Ed McLoughlin, Ret. Ladder 121
Snare FR. Gerard Coughlin Ret. Engine 280 Tenor FR. John McSweeney, Ret. Ladder 29
Snare FM. Mike Coyle Queens Base Tenor FR. Tom McTigue, Ret. Rescue 3
Snare FR. Patrick Dolce Ladder 124 Tenor FR. Pat Whelan, Ret Ladder 162
Snare FR. James Dowdell Rescue 2      
Snare FR. Bill Duffy Jr. Ladder 43      
Snare CAPT. Hugh Duffy 6th Division
Snare FR. Kevin Keatley, Ret. Rescue 2
Snare FR. Ed Madden Engine 42
Snare LT. Charlie Marshall Squad 18 Bass FR. Tom Killian, Ret Ladder 56
Snare John McCarthy Jr. Ladder 49 Bass FR. Tim McGuire Ladder 157
Snare LT. Pat Moloney Engine 233 Bass FR. Jack McLaughlin, Ret. Ladder 26
Snare LT. Jerry Murtha, Ret. Rescue 3 Bass FR. Brendan McMahon Ladder 45
Snare FR. Matt Nolan Engine 84 Bass FR. Bill McNerney Ladder 133
Snare LT. Owen Grant Ladder 113
Snare CAPT. Joe Quinn Ladder 123
Snare LT. Dan Saalfrank 3rd Division
Snare LT. Jim Schumeyer, Ret Rescue 4
Snare FR. Al Schwartz, Ret. Ladder 4
Snare LT. Pete Sheridan, Ret. Engine 8
Snare LT. Thean Traynor Divison 1


Color Guard FR. Peter Brady Ladder 174 Color Guard LT. Thomas Fitzpatrick, Ret. Ladder 149
Color Guard LT. Jim Brennan, Ret   Color Guard FR. Tom Jones  
Color Guard CAPT. Stu Carver Division 7 Color Guard LT. Steve Marley Jr. Divison 7
Color Guard FR. Joe Connor, Ret Ladder 126 Color Guard FR. James McCue Battalion 43
Color Guard FR. Eddie Coyle Ladder 4 Color Guard FR. Mike McPartland Ladder 44
Color Guard BC. John Dunne Battalion 2 Color Guard LT. Jim Welch Ladder 77
Color Guard Fr. Rich Schmidt Rescue 4 Color Guard Capt. Mike Fitall Ret. Engine 271
Color Guard Fr. Mike Mcnamara Ladder 3 Color Guard Fr. Aaron Clark Ladder 4


Drum Major FR. "BIG JIM" Corcoran Ladder 19      
Piper FR. Jim Ginty Sr., Ret. Ladder 42      
Color Guard FR. Billy Hewitson, Ret. Rescue 2      
Piper B.C. Jack Kelly, Ret. Battalion 8      
Piper FR. Joe Murphy, Ret Ladder 156      

Abbreviation Key
D.C – Deputy Chief
B.C – Battalion Chief
Capt. – Captain
LT. – Lieutenant
SFM – Supervising Fire Marshal
Pilot – Pilot of a Fire Boat
FR. - Fireman
SD. – Supervising Dispatcher
FAD. – Fire Alarm Dispatcher




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